Klever and Shortee take over the Magic City – April 2nd 2011

Fusion w Klever & Shortee

Fusion w Klever & Shortee

Fusion w Klever & Shortee

Fusion w Klever & Shortee

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have moaned and groaned about the lack of “big events” in the city. How there is just nothing going on and that my “seen it all, done it all” ways would let me enjoy. I can confidently say that the wait is over. The time has come to kick start Birmingham’s nightlife into super high octane gear!

Insomniac known for their hugely successful Electric Daisey Carnivals, Beyond Wonderland, and Nocturnal Festivals have teamed up with local Birmingham promotions Fine Spun to bring us Fusion – West Coast vs East Coast with headliners Klever and Shortee. Fine Spun have even put up a guarantee of sorts. If you’re not happy with the event you’ll get on the guest list to another party if you come to this event and aren’t satisfied! They are that sure (as am I) that this event will rock…HARD.

For the most complete run down of the event head over here: http://www.facebook.com/?page=1&sk=messages&tid=1443221419035#!/event.php?eid=199381113421805

Limited Advance Tickets Here: http://fla.vor.us/188372-Klever-and-Shortee-tickets/Klever-and-Shortee-Birmingham-Crush-Night-Club-April-02-2011.html

To give you just a taste of what’s in store for you come April 2nd peep this video of the DMC Champ DJ Klever.
Dj Klever @ Dirtyphonics [HD]


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