Apples – Theo Remixes
Apples - Theo

Apples - Theo

Theo is the latest offering by Apples. This feel good sing-along track showcases the band’s unique sound at its best, and also includes an acapella cover of Caravan Of Love, highlighting the band’s passion for group vocal harmony.

Apples are Norman Nouvelle (Vocals) John Paul Baron (Guitar/Vocals), Gregory Bishop (Drums/Vocals), Glen Roberts (Keys/Vocals) and Pedro Kirk (Bass/Brass/Vocals).The band’s sound is derived from the delicate vocal harmonies of the 1960s, with bands like The Beach Boys, to the golden era of the early 1980s, with the uplifting sounds of the artists associated with Postcard Records, right up to the 1990s, with all members being children of the Brit-Pop era. The band can take all these influences and create their own style of ‘sunshine sound’ that is relevant in 2010.

*Released 10th May 2010*

Theo (Zebra & Snake Remix)

Apples – Theo (ZNTN remix)


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